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        school profile

               Sichuan Post and Telecommunications College(SPTC), was founded in April of 2003 as the 1st independent posts and telecommunications college in western China with the approval of Sichuan provincial government on the basis of the former Sichuan Post and Telecommunications School, which was established in 1956.  

               During the past nearly 60 years, the college has greatly enlarged its scale, enhanced its comprehensive educational strength and improved the level of college administration, accompanying the development of China’s posts & telecommunications and IT industries. SPTC is the Provincial Civilized Unit. It got EXCELLENCE level in the evaluation by the Ministry of Education’s “talents cultivation level assessment for higher technical and vocational institutions” in 2006 and was enlisted in the first batch of Exemplary Construction Units of Higher Technical and Vocational Institutions by Ministry of Finance and Sichuan Education Department in August of 2010.  Furthermore, it was declared as one of the Construction Units of State Backbone Higher Technical and Vocational Institution by MOF and MOE in December of 2010. Ever since then, it has committed itself in the construction to being ranked among the best ones in the country in terms of quality. From April of 2011, SPTC has been enlisted in the pilot national model higher vocational colleges which hold exclusive recruit examinations (before College Entrance Examination).  It has been the pilot higher learning institute of directed education for directly-recruited NCOs of PLA Headquarters of the Central Staff in a joint approval by PLA Headquarters of the Central Staff and MOE in Feb. of 2012.  In March of 2012, SPTC was ratified by MOE as Pilot College of Sino-US Pathpro Program.  In December of 2012, SPTC was accredited as National Model Unit of Staff Education/training by All China Federation of Trade Unions. In February of 2013, it has become the board member college of MOE’s Adult Education Association as the only higher vocational & technical institutions representative recommended by Sichuan Education Department. 

               SPTC is situated at No. 536, JingKang Road in Chengdu.  It enjoys convenient and easy communication accesses to downtown via Dongda trunk road and it is the adjoining neighbour to Hangtian Flyover on the Third-ring Trunk Road and Chengdu East Railway Station.  The teaching and experiment facilities’ value is ¥73.24 million (about US$11.89 million), which offers average equipment value per student reaching ¥18,000 (about US$2,922). The college boasts a library with a rich collection of more than 240,000 paper documents and books and 30TB e-books. 

               SPTC enjoys a system of field practice bases and experiment laboratories synchronizing/transcending the working facilities in the major telecommunications industries. It has established such integrated experiment platforms as Convergence of Three Networks, Mobile Communication, Integrated Application of Networks, Optical Communication and Marketing and the Best Tone productive practice base, telecom open lab, FTTX networks lab, GSM/standard CDMA/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA 3G networks lab, Fixed-mobile Interconnecting FMC, Wireless Networks Optimization, Micro-teaching Labs and a series of other specialized experimental and practice Training labs. Other advanced teaching and research facilities include well-equipped computer networks system of multi-media classrooms, distance learning centres and well-managed advanced OA networks and campus networks. It has set up a campus-wide telephone networks on the basis of its current equipment, and a LAN which provides a real-time experimental environment. SPTC has also deployed such telecommunications facilities as networks of transmission, exchange, data, access, power supply, wireless core network, mega eyes and base stations. 

               SPTC has facilitated a teaching faculty featured “Two Combinations (Combination of full time and part time ones, combination of college and enterprises).  At present, full-time teachers reach 180, ninety percent of whom are dual functional teachers and some of whom are Sichuan provincial disciplinary and technical leaders reserved talents, professional skill appraisal experts appointed by Ministry of Industry and Information.  Emeritus professors and/or guest professors from senior management of communications enterprises total over thirty. 

               SPTC consists of the following departments and branches: Department of Communications Engineering, Mobile Communications, Computer Science, Business and Management, Experiment and Field Practice Centre and Project R&D Centre. The 19 programs it offers cover the fields of communications technology, mobile communications, project supervision, networks management, software, marketing and logistics which keep paces with market and involving the working process of construction, production, management and marketing in post and communications industries, of which four are central financial supported key programs, one non-central budgeted key program and three programs are under construction in terms of Supporting the Higher Vocational & Technical College’s Professional Serving Capabilities for the . Currently, full-time vocational students total over 4,000. 

               Giving full play to its educational services function, SPTC has become the training centre for Sichuan post & telecommunication and information enterprises employees. It has set up the Telecommunication Occupational Skills Evaluation centre (No. 188 Centre of Posts and Telecom Branch), which is approved by the relevant state authorities to conduct special posts skills training and professional certificates evaluations.The centre is also authorized by Sichuan Provincial Department of the Supervision and Administration of Production Safety to conduct the following special production safety posts skills training and evaluating: telecommunications power supply; climbing, erecting and driving; and endorsement of relevant special posts certificates. SPTC has founded a Cisco Network Technology Institute under the auspices of Cisco to conduct pertinent training and evaluating. Co-operating with China Telecom Sichuan Branch, and China Communications Service Sichuan Branch, SPTC has built up a Wireless Communications Maintenance Training and Evaluating Centre which deals with the training and evaluation of the maintenance of CDMA cells, wireless networks, and kernel networks.  BUPT’s Sichuan Centre of its Online Further Education College, Sichuan Correspondence Station of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Southwest University of Finance and Economics’ Off-campus Teaching Base are also located in SPTC.  Negotiating with industries and focusing on serving the enterprises, SPTC has always emphasized on its social services function and corporate identity in its energetic development of training service, appraisal and qualification authentication work for the post & telecommunication, and IT employees.  Its annual training and evaluating volume is 100,000 man-hours. Moreover, the trainees from the college training centre have attained marvellous results in various group corporation employee technical skills competitions many a time. 

               SPTC aims at cultivating a contingency of high-calibre and skilled professionals with top comprehensive quality who are much-needed, surely-reliable, well-prepared, and potentially-sustainable in the eyes of the employers and enjoys a good report on its graduate quality and graduates employment rate. In recent years, the college’s students have obtained many exceptional honours and awards in a variety of state/province-level comprehensive skills competitions. SPTC has been continuously improving and incorporating the teaching and education reform and has fostered a large number of employment-ready graduates with solid theoretical background, strong practical ability and top comprehensive quality, which has got high recognition from the enterprises and the society. China Telecom Sichuan Branch, China Mobile Yibin Branch, China Mobile Ziyang Branch, SCCCS Mianyang Branch, Sichuan Xinhua Property Management Company have signed agreement with SPTC to foster the talents in order-oriented education style. Since 2008, the rate of employment has surpassed 96% for 6 successive years and graduates have mainly been employed by such main operating businesses and key equipment, technology services providers as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and SCCCS. The coefficient of specialty-occupational attainment of SPTC graduates has stayed over 80%. 

               The college has committed itself to international exchanges and cooperation. It has engaged in the exchanges and cooperation with such higher learning institutions and training bodies as the F+U International Career Center Saxony (Germany), Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast (U.S.A), Nan Yang Polytechnic (Singapore) and Brockenhurst College (UK). Outstanding backbone teachers and management staff have been selected and sent to learn and train in the above mentioned foreign institutes and countries. Effectively utilizing the higher vocational colleges’ functions to serve society and the communications and IT industries, SPTC adopts a two-point strategy which advocates a combination of academic education and short-term training and has achieved remarkable success. The 30-member delegation of officials of education authorities and higher vocational & technical education workers from Francophone Countries’ Vocational Skills Education Policy Workshop and Developing Countries’ Vocational Education Management Workshop, who came from some twenty countries included Madagascar, Tulles and Philippine,  visited SPTC and had an exchange meet here. 

               SPTC firmly adheres to its fine educational tradition of over 50 years, complying with the higher vocational education law, upholding the principle of Being oriented to Posts and Telecom, serving society; establishing itself in Southwest China, and seeking nationwide outreach. It is striving to realize the aspiration of becoming the first-class posts & telecommunications and IT education and training provider by exerting its efforts in fulfilling every student’s potential to be popular among communications & IT enterprises; letting every staff in SPTC attain career development and every employee in posts & telecommunication industry enjoy its lifelong teaching/training with the guideline of being excellent in academic education and being competitive and powerful in training.