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        Advanced Application Training Seminar on IOT technology in Construction of Smart Cities Successfully Held

        From September 23 to 27, 2019, sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the Continuing Education Department of SPTC organized and hosted the ‘Advanced Seminar on Application of Internet of Things Technology in the Construction of Smart Cities’ (referred to as ‘Advanced Seminar’) successfully held in Chengdu. This high-level program was an important measure for the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department to implement the ‘2019 Advanced Knowledge Renewal Training Project Plan for the Professional Technical Talents’. It was also a concrete manifestation of the college's practice of ‘serving the society based on post and telecommunications’. College CPC Committee Member, Organization Chief and Vice President Peng Jianqiong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.  

        The Internet of Things is the technical foundation for the construction of smart cities. The modern information technology represented by IOT technology is the elementary force and core technology for building smart cities. It is an important impetus to promote the production technology, cultural life and other aspects of a smart city. In order to host the seminar, the college made full use of the technical background and the advantages of the information industry, and carefully designed a variety of training courses, including expert lectures, case sharing, base visits, on-site teaching. The teaching method was flexible, and the theoretical explanation was combined with the case sharing. During the training, the attendees interacted seriously and actively and created a good training atmosphere.  


        Many experts and scholars in the Internet of Things industry, such as the Distinguished Professor of the college, National Science Fund For Distinguished Young Scholar, and MOE Chang Jiang Scholar, Professor Yan Lianshan, made a serial lectures on "Intelligent City Policy Background and Development Trend Interpretation", " Relations: Internet of Things and Smart City", "The Creation & Application of the Internet of Things and Intelligent Building Ecology", and "Reflections on the Construction of Smart Cities in the 5G Era", etc., These lectures not only introduced the smart city and the development of the Internet of Things from the macroscopic Levels, etc., but also profoundly analyzed the operability of the application of Internet of Things technology in the construction of smart cities from the technical level. So attendees had an intuitive and clear understanding of the Internet of Things and smart cities.


        The training attracted 73 participants from the IoT work fronts in Hebei, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other cities and provinces. The project team provided a full range of training services, which impressed the participants and won the praise of the organizers and students alike. The trainees expressed their feelings that the program was quite fruitful, and the curriculum was in line with the needs. They not only broadened their horizons, but also gained substantial and constructive guidance during field visits, and solidly promoted the implementation skills of the Internet of Things technology in the future.