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        Excellent Results Achieved in Finals of the 6th Datang Cup National College Student Mobile Communication Application Innovation Contest

        October 18-20, 2019, under the guidance of the National Industrial and Information Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee, hosted by the China Communications Society, Datang Network Co., Ltd., Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., China Unicom 5G Innovation Center, Beijing Universities the Finals of the 6th Datang Cup National College Student Mobile Communication Application Innovation Contest hosted jointly by the Electronic Information Professional Group and the Youth Working Committee of the China Institute of Communications was held at the North China University of Technology.

        Our team, led by three teachers, Zhou Wei, Zhang Shaolin, and Xiang Yuling, from the Collegeof Information Engineering and the Collegeof Communication Engineering the college, and carefully selected and well-trained students, participated in the competition, achieving a historic breakthrough in competition results. Since the beginning of the year, the college had reserved and trained for this competition. College leaders attached great importance to the competition and personally deployed the preparation. They had given great support and encouragement to the team in preparing for the competition and participating in the competition. During the training process, the team members worked hard and trained hard. The instructors, in addition to heavy day schooling teaching work, strict control of training quality and precise technical guidance had become the most important factors for the outstanding performance of this competition.   


        In the end, Zeng Hao from the Collegeof Information Engineering, Yang Yujie, a software technology major, led by Zhou Wei's training team at the Experimental Training Center, Zhang Xiang, an information security major 2017, Lan Jun, a mobile application development major 2017, and Yang Xingkun formed the ZooKeeper team, winning the first place in the vocational group of big data events, the grand prize of the finals. Xu Wang, Lin Yang, Zhu Lanlan, and Chen Youxi, communication engineering undergraduate 2016 led by Zhang Shaolin of the Collegeof Communication Engineering and Xiang Yuling's training team, formed the competition group and won the first prize of the undergraduate group of the mobile communication competition. Yu Wendong, Feng Renqiang, Huang Yongwen, and Chen Yanglan who participated in the 2017 mobile communication technology under the guidance of the team of Yang Xuyan from the Collegeof Communication Engineering and Zhang Qinqin from the Experimental Training Center won the second prize of the mobile communication competition.

        The competition lasted more than four months. The contestants covered more than 10,000 players from more than 300 colleges and universities in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. After the provincial competition, more than 1,200 teachers and students entered the national finals. The scale of the competition reached a record high this year. The competition was divided into two categories: mobile communication and big data. Each event has a vocational group and an undergraduate group. At the same time, the Belt and Road Initiative International Invitational Tournament, Graduate Invitational Tournament, Teacher Invitational Tournament, and 5G Innovative Application Tournament have been added.   


        Student competition results were showcasing the quality of talent training in our college. With the continuous advancement of the professional, academic disciplinary group and professional cluster construction work, with the joint efforts of the teachers of the school, the professional development of the college had been constantly accelerating, and the quality of talent training kept constantly improving. In the future, in such main channel competitions as the vocational skills competition for higher vocational students and the world vocational skills competition, the college still needed to pursue, continued to work hard, and make breakthroughs to demonstrate the faculty and students of SPTC on a higher podium.